• PUPPY CARE: 4-7M old ------------------------------------  $25 per calendar day
  • GERIATRIC or Special Needs CARE:------------------  $25 per calendar day
  • DOG CARE: 8M old to adult-------------------------------  $21 per calendar day
  • 2nd dog in shared kennel---------------------------------- $12 per calendar day
  • 3rd dog in shared kennel----------------------------------  $6 per calendar day
  • Cats ---------------------------------------------------------------  $10 per calendar day
  • Other pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, birds...)---------  $10-25 per calendar day depending on type of care
  • Extended stays over a month ---------------------------- 10% off
  • Medication or vitamins-------------------------------------  $1-5 per administration 
  • plus GST (5%)

Calendar day: the day you drop off your pet until, and including, the day you pick up your pet within normal business hours (9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat)

Before or after office hours:  A $10 charge will apply for pick-ups/drop-offs

Book early for PEAK TIMES:  All Statutory holiday weekends, School Spring Break (March 9-26), Christmas Break (Dec.13- Jan.3) and Summer Break (June 15 - Sept.15)

All new customers will be asked, at time of booking, to provide a credit card number AND proof of vaccinations to hold their reservation.

Payment Options 
(at time of checkout):

Cancellation Policy: 
 Please be kind and let us know if you plan to cancel or change the date or time of your reservation.  Allow 2 days notice to give us time to re-book your spot.  We often have a waiting list during peak season.  There is a $50 charge if we are unable to do so.

Food (it's in the best interest of your pet if they stay on their same diet and schedule), bedding and any familiar items such as toys, treats, bowls, leashes, walking collars, etc. Updated vaccination records (unless emailed)

We provide stainless steel bowls, litter and litter boxes for cats, and Kuranda beds 

 If we have any concerns we will contact you and/or your vet and  treat accordingly.  Any expenses will be paid by the owner at time of checkout.

Rates & Policies