We have KURANDA beds available for kennel use. They have a heavy vinyl mat with an aluminum frame and are guaranteed chew proof!
Amazing beds.

Required vaccinations at time of booking via email. 
DA2P (or DHPP),
BORDETELLA (canine cough) 


Cats are treated to 2 level condo units.  The kennels are in our office area where there is plenty of activity for them to observe along with quiet intervals throughout the day.
The litter boxes are cleaned often. We require certification of vaccinations.  RABIES and FCRVP.


Dogs are taken outside 4-5x daily for walks, needed bathroom breaks and/or playtime with other dogs.  We have a 40' x 40' fenced in play area covered in pea gravel. 

Some dogs can be off leash on our property (with the owner's permission and our discretion). We care for each pet according to their own temperament.
Some dogs can hardly wait to play with the other dogs while others are quite content to go for a nice, quiet walk with us..